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Monday Writing Prompts

Five writing prompts to get your creative gears turning today.

  1. A package the size of a chair arrives at your door from an address you have never heard of. What’s inside?
  2. Invent a bevy of strange foods from a far away land or a distant planet. What do they eat? Red latvi leaves? Fried and toasted pirwisps? Hashpip sandwiches with limmet meat?
  3. You’re on a train. A stranger passes you an envelope. Then, suddenly, the train is attacked. What’s happening?
  4. Imagine a character with the power to see five seconds into the future. Write about a situation where this is helpful; in a casino, maybe, or in a fencing match.
  5. Cinderella had her glass slippers, Puss had his boots. Write about a pair of special shoes and the character they belong to.


If you write from one of these prompts, feel free to submit the finished product to me for consideration as a feature on this blog. I’d love to read your work. 🙂



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