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A Letter to the Person Who Owned My Book Before Me

I bought a used copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel about a year ago. Upon reading it, I have found a name on the inside cover. Alexandra. The whole book is filled with notes and highlighted and underlined things, along with definitions and clarifications. My mysterious friend has pointed out so many things I never would have noticed.

Funny thing; over the course of this book, I have grown to feel as though I know Alexandra. I smile appreciatively when she notes when a character is telling a lie. I nod at her informative definitions of some of the more obscure French words.

Alongside Alexandra, I have added my own notes in the book, and commented on some of hers. Who is Alexandra? Did she read this book for school? Did she buy it at the same bookstore I did — or some place across the country?

Most pressing of all, I feel I should sell this book back and let someone else buy it. Then, they can enjoy the mutual commentary of Alexandra and L. L. Violette.

What do you think?



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